Thursday, April 23, 2020

WB:FMAG Total Print Sales

Hello Folks,
The last time I did a quick sales report was in September 2018.

I pulled reports from Amazon, Lulu and DrivethruRPG from October to current for print sales.

Here are the results:

Lulu: 66
DriveThruRPG: 65
Amazon: 1,446

Total: 1,577

Add that number to the previous reported print sales of 2,357; bring the total print sales to 3,934!

*** The game has sold just under 4,000 copies! ***

Thanks for all the support and I hope you are enjoying the game.


  1. Congratulations! Two of those copies are on my shelf, and I'm using the game to run my current campaign. All the best. Stay safe!

  2. After lulu changed their storefront, I can't seem to find the hardcover options for WhiteBox FMAG listed there. (The links in this blog aren't working for me either).

    are the hardcover options sill available on lulu?

  3. I really enjoy this game!
    I have bought mĂșltiple copies!
    Greetings from MĂ©xico!

  4. I just got the book, and I am confused with the magic-user advancement. Level 11 and 12 have no xp listed. What do I do with this?

  5. Player characters only go up to the 10th level in White Box. I assumed the Wizard was listed to 12th in case you wanted a powerful npc. I used a 12th level wizard as the most powerful wizard in the kingdom and one as the main antagonist.

  6. Okay, so a player character then isn't normally able to have any 6th level spell slots?

  7. I bought to copies and fondly recommended it every time I get the chance.

  8. I am completely shocked by the numbers from Amazon. It totally eclipses everything else. Do you tend to promote it to any one channel over the others?
    Appreciate you sharing these numbers!

  9. Just wanted to say thank you. Hope to see more from you.

  10. White Box: FMAG is my favourite retroclone of OD&D. I've bought three copies of it: two "red" cover books (hardcover and softcover) and one "blue" softcover. It will be the ruleset of my upcoming play-by-post campaign.

    So, like others before me, I would like to thank you. I cannot recommend it enough.

    However, I take the chance to highlight that many links of this website are broken: they do not lead to any product page on or DrivethruRPG. It would be nice to update them.

  11. Capt. Corajus just did a review on his YouTube channel:


  12. Wonderful game. Thanks for your work!

  13. Hi Charlie. Not sure if you still read the comments to your blog but I'm hoping you can read this.

    First of all, I'd like to say I love your work on WB FMAG. I appreciate that you've made the PDF available and the printed copies cheap.

    Related to the printed books, I'm writing to you to request that you allow the WB FMAG books on Amazon be available locally to Australia so that it will sell more cheaply here and also avoid paying for heftier postage. Right now the book is selling for around US$5. But if we order from, it's over AU$25 (US$18).

    Just hoping it's a simple change on your end to make that happen in Amazon. Thanks in advance.

  14. Best I ever found, 6€ on Amazon prime to Austria. Before of print copy I found the PDF for free (thanks for that!!) Amazon Version is B&W and for me best Cover, but not the v2.1, is from 2017 v.? But not sure what is in updated one revised, but there is PDF for free! Thx again
    I play with my kids, also 5e Adventures and play it with SWCL Rules and if I need more I have this, most complete OD&D + Supps… S&W White Box is amazing, Core and Complete is bit too much, I love it simple