Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The White and Blue Hardcovers are Now Available!

Hiya Folks,
I'm VERY happy to announce that the White (William McAusland) and Blue (Stefan Poag) hardcovers are finally available at LULU for $14.99.

Check it out!
White Hardcover

Blue Hardcover

With this release, I am finally done!

I learned a lot, and there will be updates as needed. But for now, I'm closing it down and turning my focus to the next release.

Thanks so much for your patience if you were waiting for a White or Blue hardcover.


In the Red or in the Black... Who Cares! Part 2

Hiya Folks,
It's been just over a month since my last post about the downloads and purchases of the game.
Here is a quick summary.

RPGNow: 801
LULU: 251

Total: 1,052

RPGNow: 14
LULU: 56
Amazon: 73

Total: 143

Revenue from the 3
RPGNow: $73
LULU: $83
Amazon: $50

Print & PDF Total Revenue = $206 (rounded)

Cost to create the book = $330
Print Proofs: $60 (I made a few mistakes and made a lot of adjustments. I'm an amateur people!)
Total Revenue as of 10/8 = $206
In the Red = $184

--Note: There were no mistakes at RPGNow because Travis Casey generously helped with those files!

I forgot to include the print proof cost in the first post.

There you have it.  I continue to publish and learn!