Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Very Near Future of White Box:FMAG

Hi folks,
As some of you know I'm relaunching White Box:FMAG with a new name, new cover art and new layout. It will also include the most recent errata and typo fixes

The current first printing will be available for 2 more weeks until 2/22. So get them now while you can or wait for the new printing which should be available in March.

It was never my plan to do this big of a change so soon but after recent circumstances it is the best thing to do for the game in the long run.

Last month I dropped the books to cost and then within the week, circumstances around the game changed due to things outside my control.

With the name change, I decided now was the best time to really improve on the presentation of the game. So I spent the money to make the best version I could without commissioning new interior art.

Now the bad news. The new printing will raise the price back up along the same lines as the original prices. But hey, the good news is it will still be cheaper than pretty much everything else out there!

But this time RPGnow will have the premium hardcover on their best paper. Lulu will have a hardcover with a dust jacket and Amazon will continue to have the cheapest paperback option. So a bigger variety of book options.

I'm really excited about where the game is going and the flame of fantasy White Box will continue to burn bright.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

A very grateful tiny publisher,


  1. I look forward to picking up the new edition when it comes out!

  2. I have tried getting the red cover over at Lulu but it is no longer there. Is the hardcover print option at Lulu gone for good? Thanks!

  3. Well, I need to buy the hardback version of the old one and the new one then!! Excellent work on this, I really love the product. Keep up the good work!

  4. I'll admit that I'm curious about what prompted the name change. I don't want to pry into info that's better left settled, though!

    1. ''WhiteBox" is trademarked (allegedly) by Mythmere Games. Rather than fight about whether this includes "White Box", it is easier for Charlie to change the name.

      Although, I hope a statement like "Compatible with the white box edition of the original role-playing game" is included.

    2. Thanks for the clarification Shadow Demon. I'd been wondering that myself, and hadn't found an answer.

    3. Let me offer my belated thanks for clarifying this, as well!

  5. Wonderful news, I can't wait to get my copy and kick off a new game. Thanks for your considerable efforts!

  6. How close are we to the release of the New/Renamed edition?

    I ask as I am looking to purchase a hardcopy version of the game and I'd like to see what the newest version looks like before pulling the trigger.

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  8. Still looking forward to the new edition so I can pull the trigger and buy a hardcopy.

    Any new updates on "arrival" time?

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