Sunday, September 25, 2016

Submission Call for a New Swords & Wizardry 'zine

Hi folks,
I'm now taking submissions for " The Wizard's Scroll"  (working title) a new Swords & Wizardry zine.

This is a fan zine that is just starting so there is no money to pay for submissions. But you will have the glory of your name in print! Or possibly I may be able to send you a print copy or maybe a free PDF. I haven't determined the cost yet (it might be free or very low cost)

Any version of S&W is fair game but special preference will be given to White Box :) Just kidding.

I'm open for anything: Art, adventures, cross word puzzles, fiction, recipes, whatever! Who has the meanest halfling stuffed pie recipe?

There is no schedule for the zine. Issues will be released when enough content is gathered. And I have one project being worked on right now. So I'll take submissions while I work on that and when I have enough content, I'll put together issue 1.

There will be a PDF on RPGNow and LULU, with a print option at LULU and Amazon.

Fight On!

1 comment:

  1. I'm still waiting for my print copy to arrive but the prospect of the 'zine excites me! I'll see if I can work up something interesting for White Box to send you for consideration.