Thursday, April 27, 2017

Links on the right

The links on the right don't work for now. I'm updating the books.

Sorry for the inconvenience!



  1. Well hurry the hell up! :)

    Honestly, I had the Amazon pages open, ready to add to cart, and they suddenly went out of stock. Perfect timing.

    By "update," do you mean you're revising the material, or simply printing a new batch? I'm guessing the former, since Lulu is down, as well.

    Care to offer a clue as to the nature of said updates? Admit it, you're adding Ninjas, aren't you?!

  2. What you don't like ninjas? Altered cover and updated interior and fixed a couple things like the Turn Undead table and monster xp and thieves switched to cleric HD progression

  3. Love this game, I've used it for one shots. One of those oneshots developed into a campaign.

    I was just about to buy some of these for my players and I had a question.

    Will there be a significant rules difference between this print and the old print?

    1. No rules difference. Its the same package. Just tightened up layout and altered the cover. Fixed Turn Undead monster table. The XP for monsters and changed thief HD.

  4. Charlie please dont say youre getting rid of the lovely red dragon?

  5. Can't wait for this to be available again. Purchasing a few copies for some young teens who are just discovering the world of table top RPGs.

  6. The Red Dragon cover is available now! I'll be updating links and making a post about it soon.

  7. In the coming post, Charlie, can you tell us...
    Is there a largest height/width book among Lulu, RPGNow, & Amazon; if so, does largest have bigger font that's easier to read?
    Are the page counts different between Lulu, RPGNow, & Amazon?
    ( Are the Blue, Red, White books different only on the cover / aesthetics / art? )

  8. Hey, any idea yet when the other covers will be available on Amazon?

  9. Oh, almost forgot, I also wanted to ask, are there any plans to print the ref's screen, and maybe even some of the adventures? That'd be great, if so.

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  11. Sorry folks. I have been busy. Still have to do the detailed blog post.

    The refs screen has to be updated but it won't be printed as OBS and Lulu don't have options for that. I also don't have any adventures to print.

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