Tuesday, October 11, 2016

In the Red or in the Black... Who Cares! Part 2

Hiya Folks,
It's been just over a month since my last post about the downloads and purchases of the game.
Here is a quick summary.

RPGNow: 801
LULU: 251

Total: 1,052

RPGNow: 14
LULU: 56
Amazon: 73

Total: 143

Revenue from the 3
RPGNow: $73
LULU: $83
Amazon: $50

Print & PDF Total Revenue = $206 (rounded)

Cost to create the book = $330
Print Proofs: $60 (I made a few mistakes and made a lot of adjustments. I'm an amateur people!)
Total Revenue as of 10/8 = $206
In the Red = $184

--Note: There were no mistakes at RPGNow because Travis Casey generously helped with those files!

I forgot to include the print proof cost in the first post.

There you have it.  I continue to publish and learn!


  1. These posts are really useful for other would-be self-publishers. Thanks!

  2. No problem Stefano. I was hoping they might be a little illuminating. If I had seen info like this before I started, I might have made some different choices when I was creating it.