Wednesday, August 31, 2016

White Box : FMAG Now Available on Amazon!

Hi Folks,
I'm very happy to announce that the White Box books are now available on Amazon for $5.99!

You can choose between the 2 color covers:

Blue Cover

Red Cover

These are slightly different from the Lulu color editions. They use a 50# white interior paper (Lulu is 60# cream) and they have a white back and spine (Lulu's are red and blue).

So the options by price are:

Black & White cover with 50# white paper on Lulu for $4.99
Color covers with 50# white paper on Amazon for $5.99
Color covers with 60# cream paper on Lulu for $6.99



  1. Cool. It immediately appeared on Amazon France at €5.62 (+€0.01 S&H - French law prohibits free shipping for new books). Both covers are available, although "currently out of stock". You can place orders, which I just did. I'll tell you when I receive my copy:)

    BTW, would you please consider posting a list of your changes/additions to Finarvyn's version?

  2. There is a quick list of changes on this blog.

    Check it out on this post