Wednesday, August 31, 2016

White Box : FMAG Now Available on Amazon!

Hi Folks,
I'm very happy to announce that the White Box books are now available on Amazon for $5.99!

You can choose between the 2 color covers:

Blue Cover

Red Cover

These are slightly different from the Lulu color editions. They use a 50# white interior paper (Lulu is 60# cream) and they have a white back and spine (Lulu's are red and blue).

So the options by price are:

Black & White cover with 50# white paper on Lulu for $4.99
Color covers with 50# white paper on Amazon for $5.99
Color covers with 60# cream paper on Lulu for $6.99



  1. Cool. It immediately appeared on Amazon France at €5.62 (+€0.01 S&H - French law prohibits free shipping for new books). Both covers are available, although "currently out of stock". You can place orders, which I just did. I'll tell you when I receive my copy:)

    BTW, would you please consider posting a list of your changes/additions to Finarvyn's version?

  2. There is a quick list of changes on this blog.

    Check it out on this post

  3. Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this.
    It's very interesting Blog...
    Thank you for posting this....!